30+ Female TV Characters That Have Inspired Women Around The World


Rachel Berry from Glee – Like sure, she can be a twat sometimes and she occasionally gets lost in the moment and forgets to consider the feelings of others. BUT she rides hard for the things she wants. And for the people she cares for. And for herself and the things she deserves. She was one of the first characters that made me realize that it’s okay to want things and to want them badly. It’s okay to care way too much. And her character is very much about the teen angst in all of that desire, finding balance in yourself, and the process of moving forward from tragedy and with those you care about.



Calliope from greys anatomy is someone I’ve always looked up to since I never saw anyone who was like me on tv like that and she was openly bisexual and that really helped me and made me accept who I was



Poussey from Orange is the New Black.That woman struck a chord with me and being my first female crush, TV or otherwise, helped me realize I was bisexual. Not only that but I loved her blend of femininity and toughness and silliness that wrapped her all together. I still die laughing at her impressions. She was strong but she also let herself feel and love, we were able to see that you don’t always get who you want but there’s love out there if you’re willing. Really an incredibly character



Can please actually talk about the fact that Brooke Davis went from being a spoilt daddy’s little girl who had no respect for herself to this queen of a fashion empire and not only respected herself but loved herself. She built a whole life for herself and found someone who saw her for who she was and so much more. She faced so many hardships and always came out on top and all the while, still being there for everyone else. Brooke Davis is the OG queen of character development.



All these characters being mentioned have nothing on Carmella Soprano. It takes a powerful woman to put up with all the shit she had to. Tony may have been the boss but Carm was a boss!



Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU has been my biggest inspiration since I was a kid. She was the first strong female character i had been introduced to, and she taught me that a woman can be both strong and compassionate. Every time I face a difficult situation, i just think to myself, “what would Olivia Benson do?”



I admire Kate from this is us. She struggles the way I struggle and I can understand her tendency to save her brothers before saving herself. However, Kate is strong and brave and I can only hope to have her attributes one day. She has taught me to embrace my size although I may not always be happy. She has reminded me to never stop singing and most importantly she has allowed me to appreciate myself flaws and all and that is a gift that I cant even begin to thank her for.



Daria. She was the first show that proved to me that being a sarcastic, bookish, loner, weird chick wasn’t a bad thing. She was true to herself despite what difficulties and repercussions came from it. She’s the only female idol I’ve ever needed.



Cosima Neuhaus from Orphan Black! She’s an LGBTQ powerhouse, scientist extraordinaire, and overall badass!



Clair Huxtable. She was intelligent, motivated and loving, with a whole lot of wit and sarcasm to dish out. She used tough love, and worked to raise her kids with a sense of self-reliance, despite their more than comfortable financial status. She was the first “feminist” model I knew in life, growing up in the 80’s. She found a way to handle a busy career and a family, and still took time for herself when she could. Growing up, I wanted to be just like her (until I realized I would be the worst lawyer ever.) I still watch reruns of the show every once in a while, and just try to separate Heathcliff from Bill Cosby, because I don’t want that yuck man to tarnish a show that had so many wonderful actors and life lessons. Clair Huxtable was the best!!!



Kara Danvers/Supergirl from Supergirl! She is all about being kind and helping others while being a total badass and fighting for what she believes in. An inspiring, awesome role model for girls and women of all ages. And the show has incredible female cast members who are all great in their own way, from Kara’s sister Alex, to her best friend Lena Luthor, and Kara’s old boss, Cat Grant. Wonderful show full of stan-worthy female characters