20+ Women Share The Best Piece Of Advice They’ve Ever Gotten From Another Woman

Growing up, we’re given a lot of advice from a lot of different people. Our parents, our grandparents, our older siblings, and sometimes even strangers think they know what’s good for us. It just so happens that growing up, we don’t listen to most of the advice we’re given. As we do get older, we realize how valuable some of the advice and lessons we’ve received are. It takes a while to realize, but, when we finally do–we’re grateful. BuzzFeed asked their users to share the best piece of advice they’ve ever received from another woman and you’ll want to write some of these down.

22. SKipnees

My mom has given me a few pieces of advice that came from her mom, who died before I was born. 1. “The knockers in high school aren’t the knockers in college” aka don’t sweat being a dork in high school and not popular. The kids who are popular in high school aren’t popular in college. 2. “It’s like a dog barking” whenever someone is being really annoying/mean/getting on your nerves, you imagine it’s like a dog barking and just ignore it. It’s annoying but you can tune it out. And last but certainly not least 3. “Shit on it.” This means that whatever it is, it’s generally not a major deal in the scheme of things and just forget it. Screw it.

21. TheScythian

One of my first jobs was at a cookie bakery. On the first day my supervisor told me, “You WILL burn the cookies. You’ll undercook them. You will bake too many. You won’t bake enough- And it’s going to be okay.” As someone who is constantly worried that I’m not good enough or messing everything up, now when I make a mistake I remind myself, “I burned the cookies. But it’s going to be okay.”

20. brookf2

“Listen to everyone, trust no one.” was the advice my grandma gave me before I started traveling internationally. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

19. fredzesty

My mom gave me two solid peices of advice. The first has for some reason been passed down between women in my family for generations: ‘Always wash your unders.’ Basically if you ever can’t take a shower but feel dirty, wash (or at least splash woth water) your pits, crotch, and behind your knees and you’ll feel way better.
The second my mom learned from marrying the poorest guy she ever dated: ‘money isn’t everything, but it helps.’

18. shannonj4a0151e63

My mom told me having a baby with someone won’t fix a bad relationship.

17. hollys4612e73fa

“Listen to what your brain tells you instead of following your heart because your heart will eventually follow.” -My coworker told me this when I was contemplating moving across the state to be with my boyfriend or ending the relationship for my career.

16. aliciab451e62594

I have very bad anxiety/depression issues, and I have always been very insecure about my body. One of my best friends told me to stand in front of a mirror naked and say something nice about yourself. Whether its about your looks, or your personality, your work integrity, anything, just something nice. It really does work! It helps with body positivity and also my anxiety.

15. izzyfergie

My aunt always told me, “you don’t want a nice guy, you want a good guy. Nice guys are whiny and constantly need you to take care of them, but good guys can take care of themselves while loving and supporting you.”

14. emilykay04

“When you fall laugh off the pain. Save your tears for when I die.” I did grams!

13. emilykay04

My former neighbor who passed away in 2011 told me that no matter who it was, if it’s someone’s borthday give them flowers and you’ll have many friends.

12. dme14

Always be punctual. Showing a person that you respect his/her time shows that you respect that person in general.