There’s A New Transgender Doll On The Market And Some Parents Are Seriously Against It

– Tom, 81

“I know it’s not PC to say, but I don’t really get the transgender thing. So, no. I would not give that to my child. I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this, but if you were born as a boy, you’re a boy. Act, however, you want in the body that’s been given to you, but I don’t get changing your body to be a certain gender.”

– Alyssa, 26

“My youngest son played with dolls, I supposed they were all female dolls. I don’t think anything else was available at the time. In principle, I’d have no problem at all, because I think young kids, if they’re thinking about their gender, then that can’t be a bad thing. You’d have to be a bit brave to choose that for your kid, but in principle, I think it’s good because the earlier the kid thinks about their gender, the better.”

– Michael, 58

“Would the children understand what the doll was, to begin with? Would the child understand? Because I think the child would see it as a doll. Those are my thoughts. Unless it’s explained, and then the explanation would have to take quite an adult turn. The dolls are for quite youngish children and I think it would go over their heads, so it would be difficult to explain exactly to a young child. They’re not dolls, they’re for an older child. I wouldn’t give it to my child. They don’t even have the life skills to grasp other things. I’m not against transgender people, I just feel that there’s an age that you can explain it. It’s too early.”

– Gerald, 58

“Absolutely, yes! I’m so on board with this! I’m a teacher, so I try to stay as woke as possible for the kids. There’s just no point in trying to box people in, like ‘oh you have a Barbie doll, oh you have a superhero’. Like what the hell? Do whatever you want. Might as well give them the option.”