There’s A New Transgender Doll On The Market And Some Parents Are Seriously Against It

– Robin, 46

“Nope, I wouldn’t give it to my kid. It’s a boy no matter what anyone says, born a boy, always gonna be a boy”

– Bill, 47

“It would be confusing. I think you go have an operation done to change a certain look, you’re already male or female, you’re not born anatomically that way.”

– Ebony, 43

“I’m transgender myself and I would not give the doll with the penis to my child. I think that children don’t need to see that stuff yet, they’re innocent. The fairy doll looks like it’s a really young child, like what? Three or four? They haven’t developed yet, so they don’t need to be thinking about that on their toys. Saying that, of course, I want to encourage people to accept transgender people and I am fully one hundred percent behind the Jazz Jennings doll. I’d buy that doll in a heartbeat, and I might.