There’s A New Transgender Doll On The Market And Some Parents Are Seriously Against It

So proud to have participated in the @cyndilauper #home4holidays concert. The @truecolorsfund does vital work to end homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth and I’m so glad that I was able to help be a voice for their initiative?

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– Valerie, 34

“I think it’s a great idea. Who cares whether the doll has genitalia or not? Children are just going to look at it as a doll; they’re not going to sexualize it. And if they play with transgender dolls, when they see a transgender person in real life, they’re just going to think that’s normal, which is was it’s all about. We need to push for acceptance, not discrimination.

– Emma, 32

“I would give my child the Jazz Jennings doll, but certainly not the doll with the penis. No other children’s toys have intimate parts, why should this one?”

– Antonio, 29

“It’s an awesome idea. Definitely needed. Why not diversify how children grow up with the world if that’s really the world around them? Bring up the idea that it’s okay to be whoever you want to be from an early age because it is.”