Perfectly Healthy Woman Becomes Disabled On Purpose, Calling It ‘Transabled’

It’s pretty insane to think anybody who’s healthy would ever yearn to be paralyzed. Given the option, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. That’s not the case for a 61-year old Chloe Jennings-White. Chloe is a chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah and considers herself to be a “transabled” person. What is a transabled person you may ask? Well, in Chloe’s particular case she envisions herself as a person with paraplegia because she claims to prefer life in a wheelchair. Let me repeat, not because she needs a wheelchair, just because she likes it.

Chloe uses leg braces to help give her a “paraplegic feel.” The idea is that the braces lock her knees into place. The braces restrict her movements and help her feel more like a paraplegic. This is not only crazy but pretty f*cked up. Of course, when she faces an obstacle like stairs or reaching a tall shelf she just pops her braces off. She even enjoys long hikes and skiing.