Perfectly Healthy Woman Becomes Disabled On Purpose, Calling It ‘Transabled’

This lady needs a straight jacket, not a wheelchair. Like I always say I’m all for doing whatever makes you happy. Love who you want, refer to yourself how you would like, just do what makes you happy because life really is too short. That doesn’t mean there doesn’t have to be a line drawn in the sand. I’m drawing it here, any abled body human that declares they’d rather sit on their ass all day and get pushed around unless it’s convenient to stand up is just a lazy person. She claims this has been a dream of hers since she was a child.

“When she was nine, White climbed her bike and rode it off a tall wooden stage. She had set up in a local park, with the sole intention of crashing and breaking her back,”

The crash didn’t leave her paralyzed, obviously. She didn’t land on her back, and her neck took most of the impact. Chloe says that’s when she realized she could have paralyzed herself from the neck down, which isn’t what she is into. She only wants to be immobilized from the waist down. Her aunt had paraplegia and she says that just fuels her wishes to be immobilized from the waist down. Obviously, this rubbed some people the wrong way.

In 2008 she was diagnosed with a rare psychological disorder called BIID or Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Her disorder is also known as being “transabled” apparently it leads to somebody believing that their life would be better if they were a paraplegic or amputee. Living with a disability becomes the default state of mind of patients suffering from the disorder. I’m not sure the point this dude is making but here’s the rundown on BIID.

Whatever makes you happy.

Chloe hopes to one day have a procedure done by ‘cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves.’ Obviously, she can’t find a doctor to follow through with this insane procedure. Chloe has doctor’s orders to use a wheelchair because apparently if she doesn’t, she can’t help but harm herself. If that’s the case, enjoy the wheelchair. I’m just not getting on board with the “transabled” label. BIID is a psychological disorder. I don’t love that it’s seemingly being lumped in with “transgendered.” Oh well, like I said, whatever makes you happy.