Guys Answer All The Crazy Questions Women Have About The Male Gender

As a completely different gender than the male population, women have always wondered how men truly function in their everyday lives. To be honest with you, no one can really blame us for not being able to fully capture the male essence because there is so much we could possibly never understand unless we were broke down to a T exactly how things truly work. And even then, I’m sure there will be some part of that explanation we will be completely lost about. You know those questions you’ve always wanted to ask your guy friends but completely hesitated because you didn’t want to sound totally inappropriate? Well, to your luck some women decided to throw that misconception to the curb and flat out asked everything you ever wanted to know. From perfect dates to straight up boner science, I give you the holy grail.

What’s your perfect date?

First date: going somewhere casual to eat (not “dinner date”), then going to the park to hang out/play on the stuff, all while talking about life and figuring out who the person is. Perfect would be getting to that point without any hassle/bullshit, and also resulting in mutual interest, and thus a partner.

Not first dates: anything where both parties are free from outside stresses and are free to just be themselves without worries of the world and distractions.

When you take a bath, does your penis float?

More than that, our balls also float, and if the air is cool and the water is hot and the balls are caught between both, they will actually move of their own volition, expanding and contracting like they are a separate organism.

What’s going through your mind when I ask if you notice anything different about me?

 Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit…