Disabled Veteran Claps Back At A**Hole Who Says He Can’t Park In Handicap Spot

If there’s one thing that is for sure, it’s that there are some complete and total a**holes in this world. You know, the kind of people who do not think before they speak or do things.

One of these people is the man who decided to leave a rude, infuriatingly passive-aggressive note on a disabled veteran’s windshield after he parked in a handicap spot in Austin, Texas. Although the veteran did not have the usual handicap parking pass that allows you to park in these designated spots, he did have a “disabled veteran” license plate – which, in Texas, allows you to park in said spots.

However, this a**hole who left him a note was clearly uneducated and unaware of this – leaving this disgusting and rude note on his windshield.

Basically, just because someone doesn’t “look handicap,” doesn’t mean they aren’t handicap. It’s completely rude and ignorant for someone to say such a thing and to be honest – I’m even mad.

In response, the vet posted this letter online to Reddit, where people have been praising his courage, strength and ability to give the ultimate clap-back.

From us, here at PizzaBottle, we salute you.