People Reveal The Sexiest Thing Their Partner Has Ever Done And It’ll Leave You Hot And Bothered

Nature just makes everyone horny apparently. 

Sex in a waterfall. Well, technically we were in the water adjacent to the waterfall.

In front of the Church ladies? Are you Satan?

The one that stands out the most is the time my wife (who I was only still dating at the time) dropped to her knees and gave me a blow job in her mom’s kitchen….while her mother (who absolutely hates me) was on the other side of the wall, in the dining room, sitting at the dining room table, playing Bridge with some of her friends from church.

What made it even hotter was the fact that there was a pass through window between the kitchen and dining room and I could actually see her Mom from where I was standing….and my wife was NOT (in any way) attempting to be quiet about the fact she was sucking me off while she was doing it.

Gamers need love, too. 

While playing CoD, she crawled on the floor over to me on the couch and started chewing at my crotch, and then blew me. She told me that I better not lose the match.