People Reveal The Sexiest Thing Their Partner Has Ever Done And It’ll Leave You Hot And Bothered

Wet t-shirt contest.

She stepped into the shower with me, wearing nothing but a white t-shirt. AHUUUUUUA

Even one-night-stands can be memorable. 

Not my SO, when he lifted me up to take me to the bed, when I asked if I could try it on top his response was “hell yeah”, him breathing “I’m in paradise” and “I wanted to do this ever since I met you”, when he just casually plays with my boobs, when he holds my head down a little when I’m sucking him off, when we make eye contact when fucking and he gives a laugh smile. Hot as fuck.

We all have needs…no matter what time it is.

She woke me up in the middle of the night because she was super horny. Top 5 best sex of my life