People Reveal The Sexiest Thing Their Partner Has Ever Done And It’ll Leave You Hot And Bothered

Nature, dude. 

We took a hike up to the top of a hill. It was a beautiful day. We found a bench overlooking the valley. She sat down and patted her lap motioning for me to rest my head there. I kicked back on the bench and she stroked my head in her lap.

A few minutes later I felt something soft poke my eyeball and I opened my eyes to see she had pulled down her dress and was pushing her breasts in my face. Her puffy nipple booping my face from my eyeball down to my open mouth.

The mixture of contentment, beauty of the environment and company, and the voyeuristic feeling/chance of being arrested for public indecency was the hottest thing.

Another time she picked me up from the airport and as we drove home, she pulled up her dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing underwear and said “I brought this in case you were hungry.”

That first one is still my favorite though.

Top chef.

Cooked me my favorite meal with nothing on but an apron. The view from behind was spectacular.

The way to any man’s heart. 

I asked her what her favorite sound was and she said the sound of her deepthroating me

made me tear up a bit.