50 Tinder Conversations That’ll Make You Swear Off Dating Apps Until The Next Time You’re Drunk

Tinder is a magical place where, in one swipe of your finger, you could find your soulmate. Or, just another guy who wants to get you drunk and whisper annoying pick-up lines in your ear. With dating apps, Tinder is the closest thing to an escort service as you can get (unless you’re into the whole Craigslist ads). Knowing this, we all continue to use the app and act shocked when people send us highly provocative and scandalous messages. Come on, y’all, you know what you’re signing up for. But, I’ll agree, some DM’s are just too much to handle–check yourself. Thanks to Tinder Nightmares, people are able to reveal some of the worst messages they’ve ever received on the app and after seeing the worst ones we can find, you’ll be done with it forever (or, until you’re in the mood to kick boots).

1. I bet my life savings this guy kicks alley cats.

Quit while you’re behind, bro

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2. Someone has a fetish, it seems.

Yep. But ya didn’t. And here we are

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3. It’s official, we’ve found the biggest douchebag on Tinder.

Good news everyone. We finally found the worst guy on Tinder

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4. My Priest wouldn’t approve of this message.

No it’s Elizabeth actually but this was a VERY good effort

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5. So. F*cking. Smooth…..not.

There was aggression “on both sides”

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