Woman’s Chilling Story Is A Perfect Example Of Why You Should Be Extra Cautious Using Dating Apps

When you go out with someone on a date and you’re just getting to know them, things can be pretty nerve-wracking. Getting to know someone can be a process–we don’t know someone all that well until we spend a lot of time with them.

One woman’s friend shared a chilling and horrifying story of a date gone completely wrong that will change the way you use dating apps forever. The friend was on the phone with another friend, telling the story of how a woman almost got murdered by a guy she went out with one night.

The story was shared and reposted by many people on Facebook and Twitter–hoping to teach a valuable lesson about being cautious with who you let into your home and your life.

A woman went out on a date with a guy and she began feeling ill on and off. Instead of hanging out and staying out, she decided she wanted to go home. However, she felt better and invited the guy into her house for some coffee–until she felt bad again and asked him to leave.

After falling asleep, she woke up in the middle of the night hearing some strange, loud noises downstairs. She thought someone was in her home. She immediately called the police and told them that someone had broken in. The police came and said that her door was locked, but she insisted they break the door down.

Moments later, the police came knocking on her bedroom door explaining that they got the guy who had broken in–it was the same guy she had gone out on the date with.

The guy had covered her furniture in plastic and laid out several weapons to use to kill her. He had stolen her house keys when he left her apartment by strategically placing his car keys next to them on the table–grabbing them on his way out.

He had also drugged the girl, which is why she wasn’t feeling well. According to the woman’s story, the number of drugs was supposed to be enough to keep her asleep. Luckily, she woke up to the noise in the middle of the night.

Hearing the story sends chills down my spine, and will freak anyone out.

People on Twitter were horrified to hear this and expressed their shock that something like this could actually happen.

Obviously, we’re not saying you should swear off dating apps forever–but, you should be extra cautious when using them. Some advice would be to let people in your life know where you’re going when you’re meeting someone new–like, sharing your location with friends on your iPhone or texting them from where you are.

I would also advise against letting someone know exactly where you live before getting to know them better–as this story may be the extreme case, you never know what people are capable of.