There’s A New Plastic Bra On The Market And Here’s Why It’s The Absolute Worst

Have you ever had a really cute outfit you wanted to buy/wear, but know it’s physically impossible to wear a bra with it without looking a bit sloppy? So often, us girls find dresses, tops, rompers, etc. with open backs, cut out shoulders, or low-cut fronts and know “the bra will never work with this.” Of course, sometimes we opt to wear no bra because we can do whatever we damn please in society. But, other times, we know some occasions just require a bra. So, one company tried to come up with a clever solution to this issue and design a “plastic bra,” that is completely “clear.” has developed what was expected to be an essential is every female’s wardrobe but has flopped since its release.

For a whopping five dollars, you can purchase the famous plastic bra (Adjustable Straps Clear Bra) that the Internet has been raving (in complaints) about. I was skeptical, but of course, had to try it because the thought of it just brought up so many questions. Is it comfortable? Will it help with boob sweat? Will my nipples be able to breathe? Is it safe to wear? Is it really an essential piece that I need in my wardrobe? So, I decided to buy one for myself.

Here’s what I discovered: No, no, no, no, and no!

The reviews on the site are God awful, which right there should have stopped me from purchasing, but did it? Nope!

The reviews were actually hysterical. The main takeaway point, don’t buy if you are big, don’t buy if you would rather your boobs didn’t make noises throughout the day and don’t buy if you are looking for something that is actually wearable.

“Bruh if you’re bigger than a B cup don’t get this”

“The material is kinda like a water bottle type of plastic and it came in bad shape, it isn’t wearable. I took the photos as soon as I got them out of the plastic bag.”

“noisy material, sounds like coke bottle or Pepsi bottle when crushed, better plastic could have been used , u need to keep this bra separately in the wardrobe as there will be a crease on the bra by pressure, will be in a bad shape. not that much satisfied, I m 34-B, gal on heavier side plz don’t go for this, as less of space is there to cover ur boobs, even I felt little space,gal on litter side, good thing as they will enhance ur breasts , it will look bigger , the support below is really good,even the straps are of good quality but not very stretchy, just the cup was only the issue which I found”

“please don’t buy the product. it is made from a cheap plastic that of bisleri water bottle . it also makes tik Tak noise and is just pathetic.”

I myself, am on the smaller side (a tiny, tiny A cup) and the bra still did not work for me. My boobs were instantly sweating from the plastic material and within an hour of wearing, I already had developed a heat rash on my boobs. This most definitely is not a bra for someone with sensitive skin, never mind someone who is a D cup.

It also is impossible to move with the bra. The plastic crackles just like a water bottle when you drink from it. It sounded like my chest was going to crack open every time I moved. The concept of the product is great. A super clear bra, with clear adjustable straps that you can wear under anything. the idea of it is so much better than sticky bras that slide off onto the floor when you sweat. The amount of times I have had to experience that horrifying embarrassment is way too many times. However, the cracking and rash from this bra are way more embarrassing.

If you have $5 to blow, try it out. If not, you’re definitely not missing much. Stick to the fancy bombshell bras and sticky chicken cutlet boobs.