People Reveal The Things They Regret Not Doing In 2017

The year is coming to an end in just a few days and there are probably a lot of goals in the beginning of the year that we wanted to accomplish and many we probably did not get to do or just flat out gave up on. I’m sure many of those goals were to lose weight or some goal most people say they were going to do but gave up as soon as February hit. These 25 people revealed things they regretted not doing in 2017. Maybe next year?


Going out more. Meeting new people.

I got so scared off of going out by my previous party-heavy relationship that I spent the year like a hermit.

It’s something I really want to fix in 2018, but now can’t seem to figure out how one leaves the house.


My wife.


Exercise. I’m not fat at all, just very unfit. Get tired walking up stairs. I need to start working out already… maybe 2018…


Speed dating

Those 0 for 20 outings keep my ego in check.


Year was somewhat decent but I know i’m gonna regret not asking the girl I like (who surprisingly likes me back) if she wants to do something on New Year’s Eve. Social anxiety is fun :’) Oh well.