What It’s Like To Be Single On New Year’s Eve, According To Twitter

It sucks being the lonely one out at the bar surrounded by couples kissing at midnight, while you are left alone to chug a bottle of champagne. There really is nothing beneficial about being single on New Year’s Eve. You feel more alone than ever because most couples around you feel the need to be extra over-the-top and touchy on this holiday. Nothing says “new year” like getting sloppy with your partner in public…not. Thankfully, there are so many singles out there making light of the terrible situation. Twitter has been mentally preparing us for what it is going to be like being alone on New Year’s Eve, yet again. It actually just might not be as bad as it seems.

New Year, same tears:

I suggest you don’t surround yourself with couples but rather a few bottles of champagne.

When you are so desperate you have to take to Twitter to find someone to ring in the New Year with:

Sleep through midnight, it’s not like anything is going to change your life:

The single party doesn’t start until you walk in at midnight…alone: