This Is How You Should Start 2018, According To Twitter

If you’re unsure of how to start your 2018, no worries — the most expert, well-trusted, blue bird on the web (a.k.a. Twitter) has some stellar ideas. Taking after @tmcripple’s original tweet, other users started offering their two cents on how to start the new year off right. It started off with playing a song prior to midnight, so when the clock struck midnight, a certain lyric would sound when the new year rang in. Since then, it has evolved beyond music, as users have had an absolute field day with this trending tweet pattern. Follow the 140-280 character words of wisdom provided by myriad Twitter users and you’ll start the year off right, wrong, or drunk, like these 20 people.

Here’s the chick that launched a revolution.

So the trend continued, reminding us some of the most iconic tunes. Mmm Yeah…

I bet Mitchel Musso planned this.


If no one is kissing you this year…this is kind of nice, right???

I’d toast to that.



That’s some rocket science sh*t right there.

But then some tweeters started having a little fun with the idea.



Can actually agree with this one.