Women Confess Why They’d Rather Be Single In 2018

The New Year brings a time to start fresh and new. You get to start over in a way when the year changes over and anything from the previous year you can choose to forget. We all love to feel loved, and no one ever wants to be lonely. And yes, relationships are great, but, is that always the spend way to spend your year? Tied down to someone? Women share why they not only want to start the new year single but, why they want to remain single for the entire year this time around.

Jen, 25

“It is so hard to trust a person nowadays. It is much easier to focus on yourself.”

Hannah, 26

“I want to find a job that I love waking up for every morning. I’m planning on putting in my two weeks where I currently am at the start of the New Year and then spending my time focusing on finding something I will enjoy doing. That is more important to me then finding some relationship.”

Joanna, 23

“I’ve never been single for a full 365 days at a time. I think this year is really the time to see if I can actually survive it. I constantly crave attention from someone else but after a few relationships and never receiving the attention I actually wanted; I think I owe it to myself to stay single.”

Amanda, 22

“After being in a relationship for so many years I forgot what it was like to be single.”

 Amy, 26

“I spend this past year in a relationship  that was rather detrimental to my well being and definitely need a year to recover from that. It took a lot to realize what a terrible relationship I was in and to remove myself from that. This year is about recovery.”

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