There’s Now An App That Will Take Care Of All The Drunk Texts You Sent To Your Ex

I’m sure many of us can relate to sending a text we totally regret. While we usually suffer in embarrassment, there is no way of turning back time to take back what we have said. Maybe you drunk texted an ex who now has a new girlfriend but you missed him when you were drunk. Or, you texted a really annoying dude who won’t stop bothering you because you were lonely, but now he again, won’t stop bothering you. Oops. We all had to suffer the consequences once that text was sent and most likely had to deal with the actions taken place afterward, but hopefully, by now, you learned from those mistakes. If you haven’t, there’s a brand new app on the market here to help us all. On Second Thought is an app that allows users to “unsend texts,” block them from sending anything after a specific timeframe, and some other dope features.

On Second Thought surveyed over 300 online daters to see within the last 6 months of what texting mistakes they made. 45% of users had sent a mistaken message, and around 30% of those who’d sent a bad message reported that their mistake was the end of the road for them.

The company introduced to users the option to allow them to “take back” that bad text message. Around 83% of users said they would use the functionality if given the opportunity and around 20% of users believe they’d use the feature on a daily basis. In an interview with Docusign, 71% of users reported they wish they could take a text message back and 87% wished they had the ability to do it. So, the app is something that’s actually pretty needed on the market.

This app is very easy to use but it is currently only available in the Google Play Store. It’s not currently available in the Apple App Store yet (sorry iPhone peeps). After you download it go to the app’s settings and set your “grace period.” The grace period is the amount of time you have to change your mind about a text you just sent; it goes up to 60 seconds. So, maybe drunk you will talk to yourself for a few seconds after sending a text and change your mind.

If you are one of those people, we recommend you download this app. It might just save you from having some really awkward conversations and embarrassments.