WTF Time Travel Stories That Actually Seem True

10. That’s what “Stranger Things” is based on?

Until 1981, there was an Air Force base in Montauk, NY, at the eastern tip of Long Island. It’s actually what ‘Stranger Things’ is based on. Preston Nichols claims, it was the site of some top-secret government time travel experiments. Nichols writes in The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time that, in the 1980s, he recovered repressed memories of working on the project. His claims are outlandish, he claims that they were experimenting on children. One child apparently had psychic abilities, Sup, Eleven?. They even created a time portal to 1943 and the portal opened up onto the USS Eldridge, the subject of another famous alleged government project, the Philadelphia Experiment.

During the height of World War II, the US conducted a series of tests to try and cloak its warships. They wanted their ships to be invisible, undetectable. And, on October 28, 1943, they succeeded, but there was a side effect: the Eldridge traveled back ten minutes in time and the experience drove the crew mad. They were supposedly brainwashed after this experience, their memories wiped of the whole incident. A film about these alleged events, The Philadelphia Experiment, was released in 1984. This film seems to have triggered some repressed memories in one of the crew members.Bielek began discussing these memories with the press, which brought him to the attention of Nichols. The two got in touch and, together, told a story that linked the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment. Seems completely legit, fellas.

11. Never crawl down the mysterious path under the sink.

On August 30th, 2006, 36-year-old Håkan Nordkvist came home to find his kitchen completely flooded with water. He crawled under the sink to check for a leak but said when he got under there he noticed that space just continued back. At this point in every scary movie ever, is the time where you don’t follow the mysterious unknown path, but hey, do you, man.

He kept crawling until he stopped at the end of the tunnel. Håkan says when he got out he realized he was in the year 2042, and he got to meet his 72-year-old self. He claims it must be him because they have the same tattoo. How’d you get home then? More than likely it’s just a relative with a similar tat but hey, where’s the fun in that?