WTF Time Travel Stories That Actually Seem True

7. Elaborate hoax? Or a couple traveling through time.

In 1979, Geoff and Pauline Simpson and Len and Cynthia Gisby were traveling through France. When it became late, they decided to find a hotel for the night. They found a hotel not too far down the road they were traveling on. It was an odd place; the doors to the rooms only had heavy metal latches, no locks. And the windows only had thick wood shutters, no glass.

In the morning, they had breakfast at the hotel and encountered two French policemen that were wearing old-looking uniforms, complete with capes. The whole experience at the hotel seemed strange, not least because their stay only cost 19 francs. Other hotels in the area cost around 200 francs. Still, they happily went on their way, and on their return journey, tried to stop and stay at the hotel again. Except it had seemingly vanished into thin air. And the uniforms those police officers were wearing? They were dated to be from 1905.

8. John Titor from the year 2036.

In November 2000, the Time Travel Institute forums saw a spike in unusual activity. Yes, it is a real thing, among the usual conspiracy theories and far-fetched UFO sightings were a string of posts from a man who called himself John Titor. He said he was a soldier based in Tampa, FL, from the year 2036. The government, he claimed, sent him back in time to 1975 to retrieve an IBM computer, which they needed in order to debug some computer programs. He hopped off his time machine in 2000 for personal reasons, and since he was already back in time he decided to give everyone a heads up on what the future has to hold.

He claimed that civil unrest would begin in the United States in 2004 and, by 2008, there would be a full-blown civil war. By 2015, he said, the US would be split into five different regions and World War III would have come and gone. Of course, none of these things have happened, so you’re probably why does he matter? It’s because his posts about time travel were so detailed, the description of its mechanics and his machine so thorough, that it seemed almost impossible that he wasn’t telling the truth

9. Two businessmen stumble across a time-traveling family?

In 1969, two businessmen were having lunch in a Southwestern Louisiana town. Afterward, they got in their car headed back to work along US Route 167.  Eventually, they saw an old car. As they got closer to it, they realized it was moving very slowly and they could see the year “1940” printed on its license plate.

The two men pulled up alongside the car and peered in to see if everything was okay; they were shocked to see a woman, done up in full 1940s attire, and a small child, both of whom looked very confused and frightened. They called to the woman, signaling that she should pull over and they would help her. As she began to pull onto the side of the road, the businessmen stopped a few yards in front of her. When they turned around to make sure she had parked safely, the whole car had vanished into thin air. Maybe she was just too scared to pull over for 2 random men?