‘Stranger Things’ Is Apparently Based Off Of A True Story And It’s Scary AF

Stranger Things has become such a phenomenon since it came out in 2016 and people cannot get enough of the thriller.  The Demogorgon, Eleven’s obsession with Eggo’s  and the freaky seizures Will has to deal with has us all intrigued by the show, but many have questioned if there is any truth beyond those creepy scientific experiments with the ‘Upside Down’ and truth be told – apparently the show was inspired by a government based project that was conducted for several decades with children and it was originally titled “Project Montauk.”

Grab your popcorn and your Eggo’s because this is some weird ish.

What is the “Montauk Project”?

It is claimed to be a covert government operation in New York, allegedly used to experiment child runaways on mind control, time travel, interstellar travel,inter-dimensional travel and reverse engineering on extraterrestrial life.

Christopher Garetano, a researcher who has focused on the Montauk Project for over a decade, claims there have been alleged survivors who say they were a part of freaky experiments that occurred on the Camp Hero State Park property. Originally, the military base was used to guard the east coast against Nazis during World War 2.

It was not until after the war that things were a bit skeptical. The United States government recruited Nazi scientists to contribute to weaponry and technology, and these experiments all happened on Montauk, Long Island, hence calling it “The Montauk Project.” Projects like the one from Montauk aren’t necessarily new, in fact, there were numerous projects that were similar to the Montauk Project, like the Stargate Project – a U.S government funded project where a group of people in Maryland trained human subjects to be powerful psychics during the late 1970’s and it was surprisingly successful.

Sounds familiar?

How the “Philadelphia Experiment” fits into this:

In the 1940’s, the U.S. military allegedly conducted secret experiments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Navy wanted to make their ships disappeared under the radar so that the Nazi’s wouldn’t detect them transporting supplies to Europe and they got more than what they bargained for. According to theorists, the project was successful, but they accidentally managed to cause their battleship to travel somewhere, as in, to the future…or another dimension.

No one was quite sure what exactly happened, but after learning the outcome of their experiment, scientists freaked out and quickly shut down the projects. Again, sounds familiar, eh?

There was a movie, too.

In 1984, a movie called The Philadelphia Experiment was released and it was inspired by the “fictional story,” but it just so happened that a Philadelphia survivor saw the movie and flashbacks came back to his head – and that’s where the exposure began.

Recovering from his memories, Al Bielek couldn’t help to think: “how the hell do I remember all of this now?” His memories became so clear, that he even discovered later on in life that his name wasn’t really Al Bielek – it was Edward Cameron and also remembered his brother sitting beside him when he was a young human subject test.

After some time have gone by,The Cameron brothers confessed and exposed the real Philadelphia project at a Mutual UFO Network Conference, claiming that the navy ship opened a f*cking portal and had asked him and his brother to CLOSE IT.

There was an apology to the victims:

These notorious rumors were such a huge deal within the press, that President Bill Clinton at the time had to publicly apologize on the governments behalf. Here’s the clip:

If you still haven’t touched your Eggos yet because you’re still not convinced, here’s a chilling clip about the Montauk survivors, which includes Al Bielek himself.

Although these claims can be seen as bizarre, we know one thing for sure –  I am completely mind blown.