You Can Finally Watch The ‘Stranger Things’ Casts’ Audition Tapes And Billy Steals The Show

The cast of “Stranger Things” are some of the most adorable kids we’ve seen on a hit TV show in quite some time. While the show deals with some pretty heavy problems and it’s jam-packed with action and drama, it’s hard to remember that the actors are really only 13-years-old/14-years-old – that’s pretty young to be the stars of such a cultural phenomenon, don’t you think? Whenever we see a show that goes viral such as Stranger Things – or even Game of Thrones – it’s easy to wonder just how these actors landed these legendary roles. And, thanks to Netflix and the brother-series “Beyond Stranger Things,” we finally are blessed with the cast’s audition tapes.

Of course, the cast is cringing in their seats watching themselves recite lines from the show – some of them are so adorable it’s hard to handle. But, you have to admit, auditioning for a show or movie seems a bit strange(r) (lol). You stand in a room or film yourself saying lines all filled with emotion and whatnot – it’s challenging. I’d definitely look like a total fool. But somehow, these kids nailed it. Even Millie Bobby Brown and those tears – girl, own it.

Oh – and for all of you who hate Billy so much – can we appreciate Dacre Montgomery dancing to “Hungry Like The Wolf” with his tongue out? *drools*

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