WTF Time Travel Stories That Actually Seem True

4. Green children?

In the 12th Century, a young boy and girl were found alone in Woolpit, England. They didn’t speak English or any other identifiable language and their skin were green. Yes, the color green.

They were taken in by a local villager, and though the boy died soon after, the girl survived and eventually learned to speak English. Finally, she was able to tell someone where she came from. She said she had come from a dark, underground place called St. Martin’s Land and that she and her brother were taking care of their father’s sheep one day when they found a cave. They went into the cave, and after walking for what felt like a very long time, they emerged in Woolpit. This is a pretty bizarre but well-known folktale, could it be true?

5.  A man walked right into the 50’s

In 1996, a man and his wife were shopping in London. His wife went into a bookshop while he took off for a CD store down the street. As he walked away from the bookstore, he noticed that everything became quiet and the things around him began to look differently. Then, a van that looked like it was from the 1950s honked and swerved around him. Somehow, he was standing in the middle of the street, and stranger than that, everyone around him was dressed in ’50s-style clothing.

When he returned, he tried to go back to the bookstore, but it wasn’t there. In its place was a women’s clothing shop named Cripps. So he went into the clothing shop, but as soon as he did, it was a bookstore again. He was back in 1996, but couldn’t figure out what happened to him – until he learned that Cripps hadn’t existed since the 1950s.

6. Mysterious traveler from an unheard of country?

In 1954, a man trying to get through customs at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, had a bit of trouble with the customs agents. It wasn’t because he “forgot” to declare something on his customs form. It was because he claimed to be from a country that didn’t exist – and he had a passport and stamps to prove it. His passport was from a country named Taured, which he claimed was in between Spain and France.

When customs officials pulled out a map and asked him if he meant Andorra, he became angry. He said that yes, the location was right, but Taured had existed for at least 1,000 years. The man had never heard of Andorra. He was given a hotel room for the night while the police tried to figure out what was going on. Even though there were armed guards posted outside his room, the man had vanished by the next morning. His passport, which had been stored in the security office at the airport, was also gone. Officials never figured out the mystery of the man from Taured.