Deaf People Teach How To Swear In Sign Language And It’s Hilariously Informative

I’ve found out in life I’m pretty good at picking up languages. From years or taking Spanish in school, to working with ELL individuals, and traveling abroad, I’ve always been quick to pick up on other languages besides English. But, I’ve definitely never been able to master sign language. My sister, who works with deaf adults in her profession, took sign language courses throughout college and I was always fascinated with the ability to communicate through signs and gestures. But, I’d never seen people actually curse in sign language, or, maybe I have and didn’t know I was being called a horrible name because I don’t speak the language. But, thanks to a video from Cut, a multimedia channel, deaf people taught us all of the bad words our mommy’s washed out mouths our with soap for sating, via sign language. While it’s wrong to laugh at anyone, I can’t help but say that some of the signs are way too funny. And, if you ever want to know if a deaf person is giving you a stern cursing out, memorize these.