Waitresses Learn Sign Language Just To Sing Happy Birthday To Deaf Boy

When it comes to customer service, some people go above and beyond to make people feel special. Recently, one little boy got a special birthday message from his waitresses at Texas Roadhouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that will truly make your day.

Octavius Mitchell Jr. and his mother and uncle went to Texas Roadhouse for a special birthday dinner. While they were eating, his waitress–Kathryn Marasco–saw the mother signing to her son. She later noticed that the little boy was wearing a hearing aid.

“I’m sitting there and I’m watching from a distance, and the mom is signing to the little boy which is when I noticed he had his hearing aids.”

Shatika Dixon said that what happened next really warmed her heart.

Marasco asked her co-worker Brandie White, who is enrolled in a speech-language pathology and audiology class at Middle Tennessee State University, if she knew how to sign “happy birthday.” The two went on YouTube and quickly taught themselves how to sign the song.

Dixon said:

Everybody thinks we’re crazy when we’re out talking and we’re signing. So it’s really important to me that someone noticed that and picked up on that and made that special just for him, my baby.

She said it made her son’s birthday, and the entire night, special and memorable.

White said she deserves no special treatment–it’s just part of her job as a server.

“As a server I want you to be able to come in, I want to be like, ‘Oh this is my home. I belong here.’

h/t: LadBible.