41 People Who Had The Absolute Worst 2017 Ever Imaginable

31. This girl who accidentally used Nair instead of shampoo.

32. This ruined proposal:

I was on a date with my boyfriend when he suddenly got down on one knee and proposed. A waiter tripped over him and spilled our food all over him.

33. This uncomfortable discovery:

Walked in on my roommate smoking meth….while pregnant. Her excuse was “I’m just gonna get an abortion anyway!” and of course, she never did.

34. This horrible roommate that deserves jail time:

I came home one morning at 7 a.m. to get ready for work. There was a towel in the bathtub that was still kind of wet and had sand all over it, so I rang it out and hung it over our patio balcony. I didn’t think too much about it, but I later asked my roommate if she had fun at the beach. Confused, she replied, ‘I didn’t go to the beach. My girlfriend and I tried cocaine and threw up in the bathtub last night.’

35. Rookie mistake:

I got married and we got matching tattoos instead of wedding rings because tattoos are permanent like marriage …..right? My husband is leaving me.