41 People Who Had The Absolute Worst 2017 Ever Imaginable

6. This guy who fell into a bit of a painful situation:

7. This horrifying moment during sex:

I hooked up with a guy who had the most enormous penis I’d ever seen. Rather than chickening out, I grabbed the lube and attempted to make it fit. I have dyspareunia, a condition that makes sex very painful, and his dick ended up ripping the lower part of my vagina, à la giving-birth-style. I had to have an episiotomy, which meant stitches from my vagina to my ass.

8. This Tinder date gone…weird:

Me and thie girl hooked up from tinder, she wasn’t that good looking but she was well aware on what she was doing, I got to hers and she didn’t make an effort, just got undressed and let me put it in her after the condom was just about put on, no foreplay at all.

So I manage to force myself to cum after about an hour and she rates me 2/10 and throws me out mid changing, I was also messages twice after about her “charge” followed by a Chlamydia scare.

Long story short don’t fuck girls from tinder

9. This mother who got punk’d:

10. This wacko roommate: