41 People Who Had The Absolute Worst 2017 Ever Imaginable

11. This girl’s bad experience with the one who got away:

So far, the worst part was when I had anxiety attacks and was crying everyday because the guy I liked got a girlfriend. Im now fine and have a boyfriend but my level of sadness and depression reached a level I didnt know was even posible. I had a horrible first half of 2017. Glad is all over.

12. This server’s painful shift to clean up:

I worked in a restaurant where we’d leave empty glasses on the table. A woman in the restaurant didn’t feel well and started to vomit, but instead of running to the bathroom, she started grabbing the empty water glasses and throwing up into them. She filled all the glasses on her table and even started grabbing them from others. She filled about five glasses with her vomit in the middle of the restaurant and left them on the table for the server to clean up. The worst part? She didn’t even tip.

13. This guy who received a pizza and…well…that’s heartbreaking.

14. Can it truly get any worse than this?

Living with girlfriend and her parents. She gets real sick and hasn’t eaten in a few days. 10am We take her to hospital where they want to do some tests. Super worried all day. They say she has to spend the night so she asks me to get her a change of clothes. I get her the silliest shirt and shorts and underwear she owns trying to make her laugh. 12pm The house burns down while we are at hospital. No one hurt but still. All our stuff is gone except her silly clothes. Things start to look up for her in evening cuz she’s responding to fluids. She’s starving and all she wants is mashed potatoes from a restaurant nearby. 7pm I total car on the way back cuz it starts to sleet. Spend night in hospital with concussion. Forgot the mashed potatoes in the car.

15. This horrifying anal experience:

One of my friends decided to try anal with her boyfriend… but her dad walked in while they were having sex. Her boyfriend pulled out super fast, which caused her to shit all over his dick/stomach/chest. Apparently the smell was so awful that he then started to throw up. Poor dad saw the whole damn thing.