41 People Who Had The Absolute Worst 2017 Ever Imaginable

36. Dinner is not served, dear:

37. This sad, but honest, mistake of a decision:

Took my doctor’s recommendation to take a drug without questioning it.

Ended up taking paxil to help with my anxiety at the time and it didn’t chemically work for me. Ended up going crazy for a week, ending with me jumping off a parking garage,from about 70 feet onto the street below. Now i have a wrist plate, replacement elbow joint, metal rods in both legs and a half cage in my spine that was put in wrong initially, causing me to lose function of my legs.

Now I have little function of my lower legs, but managed to get myself walking again with the use of a cane. Unfortunately this happened just before I was 18 and haven’t had a job since, since I can’t drive and live with my family in a manual labor driven town. I can feel my independence slipping away with each day, and it came down to trusting my doctor and the medication, granted this was before paxil got a black box warning.


38. This looks like it’s going to take a while to fix:

39. This date gone…scary:

We went out to dinner and he ordered a shot with our appetizers — okay. Several drinks later, he started talking about his ex-wife and what a ‘bitch’ she was. As the evening went on, with the subject of our conversation never changing, he got even more drunk until finally confessing that he tried to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. They had it all planned out, but he ended up not having enough money to pay for it.

40. OMG, awkward:

I walked into our hotel room during a big drinking event weekend and discovered an Eiffel Tower going on between my close male friend, his ex-girlfriend, and my boyfriend.

I wasn’t even mad. I was just shocked. And then my boyfriend shouted “Well, what are you doing? Come get in on this!”

I did not.

41. This period disaster:

I was getting my nails done with my cousin before her wedding, and my tampon randomly started slipping out. I awkwardly ran to the bathroom, which was filthy, dark, tiny, and had NO working sink. The tampon literally flew out of me, and blood starting pouring out. I managed to get another tampon in there to stop it, but I had no water to clean up. I had to make do with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. When I got back to the nail technician, I realized I had red splotches all over my hands and fingers. I was mortified.