25 Sassy Coffee Cups For Anyone Who Isn’t A Morning Person

21. Tears of my ex:


Your ex is crying somewhere in a dark corner because he/she lost the best damn thing they ever had. Now, cheers! And drink their tears for breakfast! Get it here.

22. Bitter like my personality:

Oh sorry sweetie, I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. Get it here.

23. Running on coffee and dry shampoo:

But, actually. If you wash your hair every day, good for you. I’m a dirty, sleep-deprived girl, thank you very much. Get it here.

24. I donut care:

Donuts are always good, especially when they can help you get your point across. Buy an actual donut and place it with the mug for a quality instagram. Get it here.

25. This might be vodka:

There’s nothing wrong with a boozy little breakfast every once in a while, amiright? This can be your alcohol mug. Get it here.