25 Sassy Coffee Cups For Anyone Who Isn’t A Morning Person

16. I can’t adult today:

I can’t adult today, tomorrow, or next Monday at 8AM, OK? Get it here.

17. This meeting is bullshit:

TBH, all meetings are bullshit. Unless it’s someone’s birthday and there is cake. Get it here.

18. Oh for fox sake:

Nope, it’s not just a cute fox mug. It’s really what you say when you’re coworker keeps messing up a simple task. Oh for FOX sake, Susan — this is how you use the printer. Get it here.

19. Nope:

A simple mug that says it all. Today is just a big NOPE. Get it here.

20. I don’t like people:

ICYMI, I hate you with the face over there. And also, the fact that sun is up. Get it here.