25 Sassy Coffee Cups For Anyone Who Isn’t A Morning Person

11. There’s no way you woke up like that:

This one is for all the girls who don’t got time to look decent and then get one-upped by some girl who curled her hair for two hours and has five pounds of gunk on her face. BYE. Can you see my mug with all that mascara on? YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT. YOU DIDN’T WAKE UP LIKE THAT, BETCH. Get it here.

12. ugh.

For every one that is constantly internally screaming UGHHHHH, this one’s for you. Get it here.

13. I like my coffee black, like my soul:

You know, they say if you drink your coffee black, you’re probably a psychopath. Haha, WHATEVER. If you do, here’s a mug that will show people you mean business. Get it here.

14. I don’t give a sip:

It’s way too early in the day to give a sip or a sh*t. 0 given. Get it here.

15. Too tired for this sh*t:

REAL TALK. Too tired for anything and everything that isn’t sleeping right now. A nice honest mug that just says it right out. Get it here.