25 Sassy Coffee Cups For Anyone Who Isn’t A Morning Person

Mornings are hard. Fortunately, coffee makes them almost bearable. If you’re like me, you wake up in the depths of hell every AM — dead, miserable, and soulless. You want to throw that stupid iPhone alarm out the window. And at this point, you’re seriously contemplating if your education and/or job is worth waking up for. In short: you are most definitely NOT a morning person. Why not advertise that to all the dimwits around you with a sassy new mug? Here are 25 mugs that will say to everyone “hey, please don’t talk to me right now, you idiot. I’m dead” so you don’t have to!

1.SHHHH. No one cares:

Do you ever get into work and a co-worker is talking about their 11/10 night with their significant other last night, meanwhile your single ass cried into a bag of cheese doodles until 4am? Here’s the perfect mug to kindly tell them to, well, STFU. Get it here.

2. Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck:

Do you like to curse? Is your whole morning just a chorus of swear words? That’s fine — whatever gets you through the grind! Here’s a mug that will say everything you’re thinking and feeling. Get it here.

3. I hate your face:

Are annoying people part of your morning? Here’s what to do: tell them you hate their face.They’ll probably feel ugly and run away from you! Yay, it’s a win win. Or actually it’s a win for you and a devastating jab at their appearance for them. Get it here.

4. I’m like 104% tired:

On a scale from 1 to 100, you’re, like, 104% tired. Let everyone know that you’ve surpassed maximum fatigue. Get it here.

5. Good morning (just kidding):

Do you ever wake up feeling good? Absolutely NOT. It’s never a good morning — and this mug is just living it’s truth. Get it here.