25 Sassy Coffee Cups For Anyone Who Isn’t A Morning Person

6. Are you in a bad mood?:

It drives me nuts when people ask me if I’m in a bad mood. Like, HELLO, just look at me. It’s so obvious I’m cranky. I don’t even look or feel alive until noon. So ya, in short: Bitch I might be. Get it here.

7. I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you:

You’re annoying, sweaty and, uh, did your mom dress you this morning? Whenever you roast someone at the office, just pull out this mug and let them know you’re just being descriptive. Get it here.

8. This is my I hate eveyone today mug:

For the days when you literally just can’t even deal with human life forms, just pull out this cutesy mug to let them know that you’re miserable and they need to back off. TBH, this seems like a mug you could use daily, because do you actually ever wake up liking people?

9. Sorry, it’s just that I literally don’t care like, at all:

Let’s raise this mug to all the pointless small talks you have to endure with coworkers/acquaintances about weekend plans. Blah, blah, blah IDC. Get it here.

10. Decaf only works if you throw it at people:

You ain’t got time for defective coffee! Let people know that you’ll use decaf coffee as a weapon if they get too annoying! Get it here.