21 Ways To Wear Leggings That Won’t Make You Look Like A Hot Mess

16. Furry and Comfy:

A long fur vest paired with leather leggings and heels is a perfect statement outfit. It is comfy yet dressy.

17. Sky High Booties and Long Sweaters:

Sky high booties really extend the length of your legs in leggings, paired with a long sweater. This is a foolproof everyday look.

18. Nude Leggings:

If you really want to make your look stand out opt for nude colored leggings. Paired with a sweater and heels, it is a perfect stand out outfit.

19. Wedged Booties and Tunics:

Tunics are great because they are longer shirts that cover your bottom with leggings well. Paired with wedges booties you are good to go.

20. Comfy Flats

Leggings with a cardigan and a cute pair of flats make a perfect outfit for running around all day.

21. Glitter, Glitter:

If you really are trying to make a blog leggings as a pants statement; glitter is the way to go.