21 Ways To Wear Leggings That Won’t Make You Look Like A Hot Mess

6. Comfy Cardigans and Comfy Pants:

Especially during the fall, it is almost impossible to wear anything else but a comfy cardigan. Now you can ditch the jeans and pair with shinny fashion leggings like in the look above.

7. Fashion Hoodies Only:

We know that pairing plain black leggings with a hoodie you’ve had since high school will instantly make you look like a bum. However, pairing your leggings with a fashionable hoodie like the one above give your bum look a trendy one in a second.

8. Flannels For Comfort:

The country look is not always a comfortable one. Jeans and cowboy boots, no thank you. Instead, you can still achieve that look with your favorite flannel wrapped around your waist and of course, leggings.

9. Classy Comfort:

The button-down blouse paired with the long sweater vest is a statement look in any classy gal’s wardrobe. Ditch whatever you typically pair the look with and instead add leggings and fashion sneakers to achieve this very classy look.

10. Fancy Comfort:

Break out the heels, and the fashion leggings; you’re date night outfit just got a whole lot comfier.