21 Ways To Wear Leggings That Won’t Make You Look Like A Hot Mess

For years, ever since girls have been wearing leggings as pants, people have been making comments as though wearing leggings means you’re sloppy or lazy. As the week progresses it becomes almost impossible to wear any type of clothing on your body that is not comfortable. Therefore we resort to leggings because they are so comfortable and match with just about everything. Athleisure has become a trend among fashion magazines, and it is wearing athletic clothing meant for the gym for other occasions like dinner, class, and work. Even models at Fashion Week around the world are rocking leggins on the runway. Therefore, you can wear leggings in public without looking like a lazy bum.

1. Sporty-Cute:

The leggings paired with sneakers and the vest give off the sporty look; as if you were about to head to the gym. But the blanket scarf and white long sleeve underneath the vest give off the cutie running errands look. Leggings with mesh cutouts give the look an even more girly vibe.

2. Sporty-Chic:

Leggings with sneakers, but all a plain white tee, baseball cap and denim jacket wrapped around the waist to give off a more chic look. This is a perfect look for a baseball game, or a casual Saturday in town with your friends, or a coffee date outfit.

3. Fashionably Sporty:

Who said high fashion couldn’t be sporty? Fashion leggings, like these faux leather ones, paired with a thick cozy sweater (perfect for the fall) gives the high fashion look. Just pair with a good old pair of sneakers to give off the casual sporty appearance.

4. The Sweater That Is Long Enough:

The best argument when it comes to wearing leggings as pants are using the excuse that your top is long enough to cover your bum, like in this look. Super long sweaters paired with leggings and boots is a great go to look for the fall.

5. Bad To The (Sporty) Bone:

The mesh cutout leggings paired with sneakers take this look to a whole different level. The leather jacket with a graphic, edgy tee underneath creates this insane look. It will look like you up a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually did.