8 Ways You Come Off Thirsty AF When It Comes To Dating

When it comes to dating, it seems as though the “almost relationship” is the norm these days. It’s the stage in dating someone when you’ve already caught feelings, you two are casually seeing each other/sleeping together, but you haven’t put a label on it yet. When you’re in this stage, it’s “game time.” Most women are trying to figure out just why their guy doesn’t want to wife her up and call her his “girlfriend,” and they’re trying their very best to navigate the field.

Let me just start off by saying: If a guy doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend, you’re better than that (stop sleeping with him, girl). Unless, you’re truly enjoying yourself and by all means, continue, sis. But, if you’re looking for that “seriousness” that he’s just not giving you, there are plenty of men who are ready. ANYYYYWAY. If you’re trying to get a man to give you that big G-F, there could be a couple of ways you are pushing him away and making him unsure whether or not he’s ready for commitment – ya thirsty AF. Yes, I said thirsty. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Sometimes, when women catch feelings for a guy, they become so infatuated with the thought of him and a potential relationship, that they “obsess.” When they obsess, they come on pretty damn strong and, Millennials coined that “thirsty.” Coming on too strong, or being thirsty, can push people away. It comes off desperate and a bit cray cray. Take a step back and make sure you’re not doing the worst.

1. You text him way too much.

If a guy isn’t answering you right away, it’s because they’re busy or they don’t want to talk to you. Take the hint, girl. Don’t be that girl that blows up his phone and social media with notifications because he doesn’t answer right away. Guys find this unattractive. Make him think you’re busy, too. Make him wonder what you’re doing. The more you don’t text him in fact, the more he’ll think about you. He’ll realize he hasn’t heard from you and then he’ll wonder what you were doing – or who you were with – that made you too busy to talk to him. Stop waiting around for him to text back. Go live your damn life.

2. You pretend to be into things that you really hate.

Don’t be the type of person who says they like sports, but can’t tell the difference between a field goal and a home run. Guys can tell when you’re faking things and if you’re looking for something serious, you have to be comfortable being you. If you don’t like sports, be up front. Tell him you think they’re boring and uninteresting. Maybe he’ll like the fact that you’re comfortable with being honest and real. Guys appreciate a girl who doesn’t hold back and is happy being who she is, not who he wants her to be.

3. You’re always available.

My therapist used to tell me when I was dating, if I was too available for a guy – they’ll get bored. The same with texting, you need to make him feel as though you are busy and you have other priorities – or other people to see. Guys like a girl with some “mystery.” You don’t have to tell him what you’re doing, you just tell him you can’t see him on X night because you’re busy, but maybe another time. Guys love a chase. Don’t make it too easy for him. Be busy. Have a life. Don’t make this guy your only priority or the end-all, be-all of your life.