6 Reasons Writing Things Down Will Help Chill You TF Out

It’s good for the soul, and the mind.

When you were in school you might’ve been the child who didn’t like to write. You weren’t the best at writing essays and your hand hurt after taking down notes in science class. Or, you may have been the kid who loved English class and excelled in Social Studies because you loved essays. No matter which child you were, writing is so important. It has so many benefits to your well being, and the kind of writing I’m talking about isn’t going to be graded.

Keeping a journal of thoughts, not even long-form thoughts, but just whatever comes to your mind will change your life. Even if you don’t enjoy writing, it is still good for your mind, body, and soul. Getting your thoughts out on paper (or in the Notes app on your phone or your tablet) can feel good. It doesn’t have to be pen to paper, it can be digital, but the art of jotting things down can help your well-being in ways you’d never imagine.

1. It clears your mind.

Writing your thoughts down, no matter where you choose to write, helps you understand the inside of your mind even better. Seeing your feelings on paper will clear your mind out. You don’t have to start out an entry with “Dear Diary,” you can just write how you’re feeling

2. It can help you worry less.

Whenever I’m worried about something or something is just on my mind, writing it down helps immensely. Similar to when you’re anxious (we’ll get to that), it just helps to put it out there in the universe and see what is weighing on your shoulders. It could be finishing a project at work or confronting a friend about an issue you’re having…whenever you’re worrying, write it out.

3. “To Do” lists are king.

Similar to my next point, creating a to-do list whether in your personal or professional life is a key to success. Seeing everything you have to do in a neat list and being able to cross off a task when it’s complete will help you clear your mind (see #1) and remain calm (see #2).