A Handwriting Expert Noticed Something Really Weird About Melania Trump’s Signature

Regardless of your political opinion, we can all agree that Donald and Melania Trump have the weirdest relationship of all time.

From the hand-slapping, to the fact that she can barely speak English (though, to be fair, neither can Donald) to the general “Oh shit this has gone way too far, I just wanted to marry a rich guy” vibe she’s constantly giving off — Donald and Melania aren’t exactly your classic, All-American, sparkly, Obama and Michelle type first family.

But let’s just focus on one bit of weirdness for now.

Check out this letter that Pamela Anderson got from Melania:

Notice the signature? Pretty unique, right? That is, unless it looks familiar. Which it might if you’ve ever watched CNN:

What the f******ck?!

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that doesn’t seem normal, right? It seems weird at best, red-flag at worst. So Yahoo did the only logical thing anyone could do; they got a handwriting expert to tell us wtf is happening.

“This is stylized,” she explained. “Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it’s] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.” So in other words, this is not her normal signature. It’s something she’s come up with during her marriage to Donald. Weird.

“When someone writes, and you can’t really read what they’re writing, they don’t want you to read them at all…The first [letter], where it goes up into a point, that’s pretty sharp and direct and gets right to it. The downstrokes — those two lines in her last name — those are very sharp,” she explained. Sharp, straight lines apparently means that someone is “a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.”

I would hope so. That’s the only way to literally survive being married to the Donald.