This Girl Got Into Yale After Writing Her College Essay On Ordering Pizza

Thank you, Papa John’s.

If you’re looking to get into an Ivy League College – like Harvard or Yale – it may be easier than you think. Apparently, you can write a college essay on just about anything nowadays – like ordering pizza.

Caroline Williams was accepted to Yale University and later received emails and even a hand-written letter explaining why she was accepted. Apparently, her creative, relatable essay on how much she loves ordering Papa John’s pizza was the key to the admissions board’s hearts.

Here’s her essay:

And, here’s the follow-ups about how great it was.


Apparently, Papa John’s was so proud of her, they made her a special video to say congrats –

So, if you’re struggling with your college essays, just think of your favorite thing to do (like ordering pizza) and you may just score yourself a ticket in.