6 Reasons Writing Things Down Will Help Chill You TF Out

It’s good for the soul, and the mind.

4. It’ll help you remember things.

Have you ever told yourself that you don’t need to write something down because you’ll remember it?  That never happens and you always forget. Whether it’s an idea, a reminder to text a friend, the thought can slip your mind immediately. When it’s written down, that won’t happen.

5. It’ll make you grateful.

Every night, write down at least three things you were grateful for that day. Even if you had a bad day, there are a few things that happened that you were thankful for, whether it was a friend talking to you about a problem, or a delicious coffee that made you smile for 1 minute…there is something every day you can be thankful for. Writing those things down are guaranteed to make you happier as well as keep you positive.

6. It can ease anxiety and depression.

When you’re feeling anxious, try writing down why you think you’re anxious. Sometimes, you may know exactly why you’re anxiety is flaring up but it might not be something you want to share out loud. Writing it down is giving it less power to control you; it’s letting it out into the universe and in a way, you’re letting go of whatever is eating you up inside.

The same goes for depression. If you’re sad and down, and the last thing you want to do is get out of bed nevermind write down your innermost thoughts, actually writing your feelings down will help immensely.

The main takeaway from this is trying to write everything down from to-do lists, goals, dreams, gratitude, and worries for a few weeks and see how good it makes you feel.