5 Small Reasons Your Significant Other’s Parents Hate You

Being in a relationship is just about impossible when your significant other’s parents hate you. The relationship can never really go anywhere if the parents don’t approve. Sure, you and your significant other could agree to defy his or her’s parents and just be together, but come on that only actually works in the movies. Even in the movies, it’s almost impossible to make it work, and it doesn’t end up working out until the very last 10 to 15 minutes of the movie. The worst part about a situation like this is when you can’t figure out the reason why the parents hate you. You’re funny, charming, kind…and respectful. What more could potential parent-in-laws want?

Well, to be quite honest; they’re probably expecting a lot. There could be a ton of reasons why they hate you. If they are super particular and actively involved in their (grown adult) child’s life, they could come up with any possible reason to hate you. And most of them are bigger picture reasons that you’re just a rude and disrespectful a**hole every time you see them. Although that is a significant reason for them to overall just hate you. Whether you have the strength and courage to fight out the disapproving parents is up to you, but before you do; you have to figure out why they hate you.

1. They already have someone in mind for their son/daughter.

Shocker right? Arranged marriages, or arranged dates if you will, still exist. In this day and age, however, there are parents who want their son/daughter to marry someone with more money or someone that works in a specific industry and could provide their son/daughter with a job that they probably would not be able to get otherwise.

2. They are not ready for someone to be getting serious with their son/daughter.

A lot of times parents are still so involved in their son/daughters life well behind their mid-twenties, that they don’t think their son/daughter is ready to be serious with someone. For this reason, they feel and make themselves believe that their son/daughter is not ready to be in a committed relationship.