5 Small Reasons Your Significant Other’s Parents Hate You

3. They believe that you are a bad influence.

Aside from being a rude, disrespectful a**hole; you could very well be a bad influence. You have to compare your beliefs to your significant others’. If his or her’s family raised him or her to not be a crazy partier and constantly drinking; putting your beliefs on them could be a bad influence. If you have your significant other up at all hours of the night drinking and partying when he or she never behaved like that before, the parents are bound to hate you.

4. They are not happy that you are sleeping together.

If the parents get wind of the fact that you and your significant other are sleeping together, they are probably going to hate you if that is something they do not approve of. The best situation would be to prevent them from finding this out if you can. There really is no coming back from this one.

5. They do not believe in the same religion as you or do not approve of your race.

As unfortunate as this is, many parents do not approve of their son/daughters significant other due to different religious beliefs or race. This is sometimes hard to believe being that it’s 2017 and we preach equality and acceptance all day long. If you can’ figure out why they hate you, and you are of a different race or religious belief; this could very well be the reason why.