11 Must-Haves For Any ‘Grandma’ On A Friday Night

7. Books:

After you’re done with your manicures, crack open the book you’ve been meaning to read, or an old classic, like Harry Potter. Who doesn’t want a little company from their favorite fictional friends on a night in? With your lit candles, soft lighting, and a comfy cozy blanket, it’s the ideal time to get lost in another world.

8. TV/Movies:

When you need a break from your book, your favorite movie or television show is the perfect addition to your night. Whether it’s Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, or a new true crime documentary, a cozy night is a perfect time to binge watch the show you’ve meaning to catch up on (or revisit).

9. Wine:

Maybe tea isn’t your thing and you want something a little stronger?  That’s why wine exists. A nice glass of your favorite wine is just what a good, cozy night needs. Break out the bottle sitting on your bar cart and pour a glass… or finish the whole bottle, who are we to judge?

10. Essential oils:

Essentials oils are having a huge moment right now and everyone is trying their own little mix. Maybe you have an oil diffuser that needs dusting off and an oil cocktail that needs testing. If you’re going for the ultimate relaxation mode, try a bit of lavender oil. If you want to go the extra mile, apply a little to your temples, wrists, and feet; you’ll feel immediately chill.

11. Cozy clothes:

You didn’t think you were going to have a night in while wearing jeans did you? Get your best yoga pants or leggings out of the drawer and a comfortable, old sweatshirt because those are the clothes you definitely feel most relaxed in. A pair of fuzzy socks and a messy bun complete the ensemble!

Honorable mention: If you have a fireplace, light it up! What is more comforting than a nice, warm fire.