11 Must-Haves For Any ‘Grandma’ On A Friday Night

Hygge by definition is the Danish word to describe coziness and comfort that translates into a feeling of well being and contentment. Hygge has taken the world by storm lately and everyone wants to stay in. Gone are the days of going out and staying at the bars until 4 AM. Now, it’s socially acceptable to stay in with your Fall scented candles, watching a movie with a few friends while snuggled up under a blanket. Even if your friends call us the “Grandma” of our friend group – we’re damn proud of it.

1. Candles:

Lighting a candle to set the mood for a relaxing night in is utterly perfect. The soft, flickering light and the sweet candle scent makes you feel warm and cozy inside. The dim lighting is perfect, the scent relaxes you… no night in is truly complete without a good candle.

2. Blankets:

Being under a comfortable, luxurious blanket sends a burst of happiness throughout your veins, especially when you’re feeling utterly relaxed. It keeps you warm while also providing an extra layer of comfort. To create the ultimate cozy experience, grab your favorite fleece, or even heated blanket, to set the mood.

3. Lighting:

Aside from candles, a bit of mood lighting is key. When you walk into a room, the light alters your mood. Who wants to have a nice evening in, in bright, harsh lighting. You want the mood to feel warm and intimate so soft, subtle lighting is key. You’ll want to light a small lamp or better yet, a few strands of string lights and that’ll really add to the atmosphere.

4. Friends:

Even though you probably enjoy a comfortable night at home alone, having a few friends around is always a good idea. It’s a nice alternative to a loud dinner at a local restaurant or a crowded bar; you’ll be able to chat with your closest friends while also enjoying your cozy home.

5. Pampering:

A night in means it’s time to relax, in all ways possible. You need a break from the previous week and need to recharge for the week ahead. It’s the perfect night to break out the face masks, foot masks, and pajamas. Pull your hair back, soak your feet, and give yourself a manicure. There is no better time to give yourself a bit of pampering than a nice night in.

6. Tea:

Doesn’t sitting under a blanket, watching TV with a cup of hot ‘something’ sound super delightful? While any hot drink will do, you don’t want to get too hyped up on caffeine late at night. A nice herbal tea to warm your insides will do the body good.