15 Of Instagram’s Booziest Cocktails & Where to Get Them

Cocktails are easily on my top 10 list of favourite things. ESPECIALLY if they’re blended with tequila, lime, and are served in really really large glasses – basically frozen margaritas, in buckets, but I’m clearly so down for other cocktails as well. I think cocktail hour brings happiness and joy to the (legal) masses, and I’m all about that sense of community- midday karaoke, anyone? I’ve rounded down 15 of Instagram’s best and booziest looking cocktails so you don’t have to. Keep this list in mind next time you travel the world, and you’ll never be without a mixed drink… ever.

1. “The Mad Hatter”, at the Alchemist Bar in England.

How posh. How scientific. How drunk can I get off of this?

2. The Botanist Signature Cocktail, at The Botanist in England.

Ugh. Why are all of the cool bars on the other side of the world?

3. The Electric Popsicle, at McCabes Pub in London, Ontario – AKA my hometown.

AKA my favourite drink because who doesn’t want to drink an alcoholic version of their favourite popsicle?


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4. The Sour Key, at The London Warehouse.

Another hometown favourite – childhood treats basically make beautiful boozy ones years later, especially this one. Bonus points if the restaurant serves really good, really cheap food too (which this one does in case you were wondering).

Monday Night Cocktails via @eatinglondonont ???

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5. The Mai Tai Goblet, at the Sugar Factory Miami.

THIS is what I’m talking about when I say I like my drinks huge. The gummy cherries and berries are a beautiful finishing touch… but guys, look at the size of this drink.


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6. Cocktail Magic, at The Botanist in England.

Another one from The Botanist because look at how pretty these are. Something about flowers in my drink just scream happiness to me. Maybe it’s the alcohol, maybe it’s the inner flower child, who knows.

7. The Earl Grey Caviar Martini, at The Quinary Hong Kong.

I never knew I needed caviar in a cocktail until this very second. I’m definitely making sure to stop here next time I’m in Hong Kong.

8. Birds of a Feather, at The Envoy Hong Kong.

Ugh. Another cocktail across the world that I HAVE to try. It’s served in a bird-shaped glass and if you think you don’t need to drink from a glass shaped like a bird, you’re probably lying.  Hong Kong and the UK are killing the cocktail game.

9. Bellini, from The Cactus Club Cafe, in Vancouver, B.C.

There’s nothing better than a classic, boozy Bellini, let me tell you.


10. Kong the Protector, at the Morena Bar, in Pristina, Kosovo.

Two things I love in life: fruit and cocktails. I figured you have to balance the alcohol with some sort of health food, right? #balance.

11. The Rum ‘n’ Rubbish 2.0, at Bar 33 Cank Street, in Leicester, UK.

I only have two questions about this: what the hell, and can I have three of them?

12. Frozen Margaritas, from Tres Hombres, in Chico, California.

Let me tell you a story about frozen margaritas: I love them. I could probably drink them all day. The end.

It looks even better in person… Cause you can drink it! #margarita #frozenmargarita

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13. The Frog Island Iced Tea, from Bar 33 Cank Street, in Leicester, UK.

Another heavenly looking cocktail from Bar 33 Cank Street. This one looks straight out of a cartoon and I am SO down for it. Please send one my way. Much appreciated. Thanks.

14. The Orange G&T, from Raw Burger in São Paolo, Brazil.

This looks classy AF. It stops being cute after a certain age when you and your friends pass out in the bar during Dollar Margarita nights. This is the drink you move onto. Adult as hell.

15. Amorette’s Patisserie’s Wine Slushies, Disney World.

Guys. Disney World, and wine slushies. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

Which Amorette’s #WineSlushie is your favorite?? #disney #drinks #cocktails #yum #happyhour

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