9 Things You Should Know Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

7. Discuss your schedules and how they may differ.

Your partner may be a night owl and you may be an early bird. Your work schedule may be completely different than theirs. Whatever it is, talking about it before moving in together is vital. For example, I work from home a lot and my partner commutes and we discussed this before we moved in together. Some mornings, his alarm goes off super early when I can essentially be sleeping in, but he’ll get ready in a different room. On the weekend’s when he’s off and can sleep in, I wake up early to work and do it in the living room instead of waking him and being in the bedroom. The bottom line, we make it work and are considerate of each other’s time and schedules. If you’re on different schedules, you have to find ways that you can be considerate of each other and if not, maybe it won’t work with you two being on such different schedules.

8. Talk about friends, having people over and how you feel about “entertaining.”

Sometimes, you want to have a girl’s night at your apartment with your friends and your partner is exhausted from a long week and doesn’t want to be bothered. Other times, they’ll want to have Football Sunday at your apartment, but you have work to catch up on. Make sure before you plunge in that you have the same feelings about having people over and your friendships. If your partner isn’t comfortable with having people over all the time and you’re someone who loves to socialize and entertain, that could become a bigger issue down the road.

9. Discuss eating habits and health goals.

Some couples may completely differ in eating habits, health desires, and workout plans. For one, I’m a horrible, horrible eater and my boyfriend knew this before we moved in together. That’s why before we did sign the lease for our apartment, we talked about how I can’t always leave junk food around the house because he wants to try and eat better/healthier. Was I mad? No. Do I bring junk food into the house? Yes, but I hide it in only places I know where it is (lol). Bottom line is that if your eating habits don’t mesh, you have to talk about ways to make it work for you both. If you’re a diet-freak and your partner is someone who likes to junk-out all of the time, find a happy medium.